K-2 Math TEKS Side-by-Side

Do Now……Use the Lego blocks to complete your do now.
Rate your
knowledge of
the new revised
K-2 Math TEKS.
Primary focal
points are core
structures that
lay a conceptual
foundation for
each grade.
DISD will
implement the
new revised K-2
Math TEKS in
Novice, Intermediate,
or Expert
True or False
True or False
Building Blocks: K-2 Revised
Presented By:
Jamila Steen
Lori Thomas
Marelenise Phillips-Roberts
• Participate
• Be respectful
• Challenge your limits
• Monitor technology
• Make learning meaningful
Core Beliefs
• Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.
• Effective instruction makes the most difference in student
academic performance.
• There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.
• With our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as
non-at risk students.
• Staff members must have a commitment to children and a
commitment to the pursuit of excellence.
Session Outcomes
 Become familiar with the focal points and
TEKS comparison documents.
 Examine how to use the documents to
improve overall mathematics instruction.
 Understand the connections of mathematical
concepts and processes within the Revised
Math TEKS (2012).
How do you look at things?
• What focal points continue
through three grade levels?
• What focal points begin in
your grade level?
• What focal points are unique
to your grade level?
Primary Focal Points cont’d.
counting and
addition as joining
and sub traction as
separating, and
comparing objects
by measurement
Grade 1
Grade 2
understanding and
applying place value,
solving problems
involving addition
and subtraction, and
composing and
decomposing twodimensional shapes
and three
dimensional solids.
making comparisons within the
base-10 place value system,
solving problems with addition
and subtraction within the
1,000, and building
foundations for multiplication
Process Standards
K-2 Math TEKS Side-by-Side
Current TEKS and Revised TEKS (2012)
Zooming In: A Side by Side
TEKS Comparison
1. Review one grade level and answer the
questions on your recording sheet.
2. Review the Side-by-Side TEKS Comparison
Highlights document for your grade band.
Personal Financial Literacy
Zooming in Further
At your table, number from 1-6.
1-Number, Operation, and Quantitative Reasoning
2-Patterns, Relationships, and Algebraic Thinking
3-Geometry and Spatial Reasoning
5-Probability and Statistics
6-Underlying Processes and Mathematical Tools
Individual Study
Study your assigned strand from the
current TEKS for content that
 remains or is clarified,
 is new, or
 is deleted.
“Symbol” “izing” Your Ideas
!-Most important idea to share in each column
?-An idea I’m still pondering
Sharing Your Expertise
• Pair up with someone who studied the same grade level
and content strand.
• Share the most important idea for each of the three
Zooming Out
Putting It All Together
Mix and Mingle
Coaching Implications and Reflections
Nuts and Bolts:
 Professional Development
 www.region10.org
 http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=3449