we need automatize processes

customer flows
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We believe that developing leadership in young people is the fundamental solution for a better world
We develop leadership through our the inner & outer journey of our AIESEC experiences
The inner & outer journey starts after matching
And for that we need to change the focus of our efforts
Our customers say
In my personal experience AIESEC doesn't do anything. they
provide no support for interns and give no help in solving any
problems. I'm glad I used to teach adults during my project and
my project and could make friends who've always tried to help me
in any of my needs. My advice to all those who want to take part in
any GIP programs with AIESEC - you mast have really good survival
skills and have or be able to make friends with local people, you
can never rely on AIESEC.
Meanwhile around the globe
We make banking clear & easy
We are there anytime
"The only permanent thing today is that things are
changing constantly.
Jean choplin
Changing is not an option anymore
it is a must
How are we
A potential
Is developed at the
of the customer flow.
our new customer flows
Shifts our focus from
management to
develop quality
our new customer flows
Urges us to put more
effort, energy and
resources into
delivering more and
better experiences after
the matching
our new customer flows
Is not a new
system, it is a
behavior and
all of us
our new customer flows
Were designed
to be fast &
open– don’t
slow it down
controlling or
our new customer flows
In our new customer
flows we need
automatize processes
Major changes for us
Removal of the
Raising Stage.
The platform
will be ‘open’
similar to the
Is not a new
system, it is a
behavior and
change for all
of us
Standards &
Automates the
entire process
and tracks key
KPI’s at each
We should be
focused on
and not on
Zoom in to view
GIS – Key New Features
Opportunities portal, crm & experience timeline
 Full integration: leads from Opportunities Portal going directly to CRM
 Open system giving the opportunity for anyone to take a look at the internships provided by AIESEC
 Experience timeline for every EP
Library & analytics
Easier knowledge management, with the option to link education materials with roles
NPS information, DAAL & AFT integrated in analytics
Data & analysis about partnerships, sub-product/sub-issues
Integrated planning tool
Team & committee management
 Team minimums imbedded into the team management tool
 Roles function for easier communication and knowledge sharing
 Easy management of structures (teams & projects)
– Messaging
 Messaging integrated to have all our communications channeled in one platform available all accross the globe
 Never ask for email Ids, WeChat numbers, simple search by name
GIS – Migration of myaiesec data to GIS
What is going to happen between now and 22nd of october?
The whole network testing and giving feedback
The development continues
• Not ready features
• Based on your feedbacks
• Business rules and permissions implementation
Our operations will be still officially running on myaiesec.net
• To make sure everything is tested before we switch completely to
Data migrated every day
How to get ready for the final switch
Understand the new
customer flows & the
changes they bring
Test, test, test &
give feedback
Simulate in the system,
play around, get to know
every corner of
Follow the GIS Vietnam
MC checklist! (To be
released soon!)
What is going to happen on the 22nd of october
All data from experience.aiesec.org will be deleted
All data from myaiesec.net (apart from wikis) will be migrated finally to
Myaiesec.net will be no longer available
All our operations will run on experience.aiesec.or
If we constantly test, it is not a big deal
What about in Vietnam? – Moving Forwards
• Our entity has no login to the GIS, it was given to MCP’s but Tram’s login does not work. Still
awaiting AI to fix this.
• Update from Micheal last night: Tram has an e-mail in her inbox with this fixed ;-)
Please set us up with logins! :-D
• I’m meeting with each programme asap to define the new customer flow in VN & what
changes are necessary in order to align @VN to the new customer flow. A full plan &
checklist will be presented when this is available.
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