TCAP Rhyme Time

TCAP Rhyme Time
Myrna Parker
Professional School Counselor
Cordova Elementary School
TCAP time is
on its way,
That is why I’m
here today.
I came to help you out, you’ll see,
Just open your ears and listen to me.
I’ve hidden in
this little rhyme,
some tips to help
come TCAP time.
When I’m done,
just use your
to tell me all the
things I said.
Ready, on your mark, let’s go!
I’ll tell you things you need to know.
Come each day, arrive on time,
missing school is a crime.
Go to bed early the night before.
Do not stay up to watch one show more.
Eat a good
breakfast to
feed your
Going to
school hungry
is such a pain.
Wear your
glasses if you
need them.
You’ll miss the
questions if you
can’t read them.
An eraser and pencil will see you through,
to mark the answers that are true.
Make clean marks in the little bubbles,
that way you can avoid some troubles.
Erase stray marks as you go along,
or you will get the answers wrong.
Following directions and
doing your best, will certainly
help you pass the test.
Work carefully,
quickly, quietly too.
When the time is up,
then you’re through.
That’s what you’ll need to do your best.
Now I’m through and it’s your go.
Tell me all the things you know.