Directions for Returning Completed CogATs

Directions for Returning Completed CogATs
1. Make sure answer sheets are not torn, folded, or have stray pencil
2. If any answer sheets cannot be read by machine, you will need to
transfer the child’s answers to a new answer sheet and fill out the
form by hand. Erase any stray marks.
 Place all class forms in one pile, then put the Class Identification
Sheet (blue) on top. Class code is optional, but all other indicated
information should be completed. Complete the sections that asks
for the number of tests in that class. Complete the blue form by
writing in the number of tests (for example, “0024” would be 24
3. Put all classes in one pile and top with your Building Identification
Sheet (maroon).
4. Return all forms at one time.
5. Do NOT use any paperclips or rubber bands.
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