the 5th Grade TCAP Writing Assessment Informational Meeting

Facilitated by: Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Lawrence, Ms.
Dugger, Mrs. Cronin and Mr. Luker
The purpose of this meeting is to:
 Better familiarize you with what is being taught in your
child’s classroom and why
 Provide you with writing samples
 Equip you with scoring criteria
 Explain the goals of the David Youree faculty for your
 Inform you about the importance of the TCAP Writing
What is being taught in your child’s
 The writing process: circle map, flee map, rough draft,
revise, edit, final draft (publish and share)
 Many different types of writing such as: friendly
letters, research papers, compare and contrast essays,
problem and solution narrative essays, diary writing,
 Writing is incorporated into different subject areas
 Grammar is taught within the writing process as well
as a stand alone subject
Writing Samples
 In your packet you will find an example
of a 1,2,3,4, 5 and 6 writing piece
 Please take a moment to peruse each
The State Scoring Rubric
 In your packet you will find a copy of the TCAP
Writing Assessment Rubric
 Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with
the rubric
 A 4 is proficient
 We strive to have all DYE students scoring a 4,5 or
Components of a 5 or a 6 paper
 Word choice-strong verbs and sophisticated
 Example: Suzy walked to the store.
 Suzy sauntered to the corner market.
 Example: Joe was a fast runner.
 Joe was a rapid runner.
Components of a 5 or 6 paper
 Sophisticated transition words such as:
eventually, although, currently, meanwhile,
and nevertheless
 Embedded transition words
 Example: Eventually, the children noticed
the monster.
 The children eventually noticed the
Components of a 5 or 6 paper
 Compound/Complex sentences using a
conjunction such as: and, but, for either, or,
neither, nor, who, which, that , in addition
 Example: Brice went to the store to buy
milk. He also bought cheese.
 Brice went to the store to buy milk, but also
bought cheese.
Components of a 5 or 6 paper
 Sentence variety: include questions and
 Variety of sentence length: some long, some
 Dialogue and monologue: not too much
Components of a 5 or 6 paper
 Figurative Language: similes, metaphors,
hyperboles, onomatopoeia, and
 Example: Bill’s room was a mess.
 Bill’s room was a pigsty!
 If your child receives a 5 or a 6 they will be
driven in a limousine to lunch, compliments
of the David Youree PTO!
 All other students will stay at school for an
ice-cream and movie party!
What does the score mean for our
 Mr. Luker will explain what our TCAP
Writing Assessment scores mean for our
school as a whole.
Thank you for coming out tonight!
 We appreciate your support, thank you for
showing interest in your child’s education by
attending tonight’s meeting.
 Have a safe trip home.