Welcome to Year 5 powerpoint

Welcome to Year 5!
What’s this year all about?
Working together for your child
‘The education of
the child is a
between home
and school.’
Your child will be writing their statement for the
home/school agreement then it will come home to you to
sign and return to school.
What it means to be in Year 5
A good start to the day
• Punctual
• Organised and ready to learn
• A calm start to the day
What your child needs in school
PE Kit
We will do PE on Thursdays
but keeping the kit in school is
a good idea – you never know
when we will get an extra
chance for a quick PE lesson.
Swimming Kit
This half term we will
swim on Thursdays
and Fridays.
More about this in a
Book Bag
This should contain your
child’s reading book, reading
record and homework.
A fruit snack for
break time.
•Daily reading to be recorded in the reading record and initialled
by an adult
•Spelling homework (we are working on spellings in class at the
moment and will be providing homework later on in the year).
•Literacy homework every fortnight
•Maths linked to the areas learned every fortnight
•Project linked to topic (to be completed over a number of weeks
– watch this space!)
Looking forward to a happy,
productive year!
Any questions?
We need YOU!
Please let Mrs
Foster know if
you can help in
any way.
Thank you.
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