year 1 curriculum web spring 2016

Understanding English, communication and
Understanding Citizenship
As responsible citizens we will:
As Linguists we will:
 follow school rules
As Athletes we will:
speak clearly and confidently to different
listen, understand and respond to others
join in as members of a group
participate in a range of drama activities
Skills covered:
think it, say it, write it, check it
writing for a variety of purposes e.g.
instructions, letters, stories, leaflets, fact
files, recounts
story maps, describing characters and
Focus text: Farmer Duck
copy and remember moves and positions
move with careful control and coordination
link two or more actions to perform a
show contrasts in height and speed
climb safely on equipment
Spring Term 2016
Mathematical Understanding
.As Mathematicians we will:
count reliably to 100 forwards and
solve problems involving counting, doubling
and halving
count in 2s, 5s and 10s
be able to say a number that is 10 more or
add multiples of 10 to any given number
subtract by taking away and finding the
identify and represent numbers using objects
and pictorial representations
read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in
numeral and words
represent and use number bonds and related
subtraction facts within 20
solve one step problems that involve addition
and subtraction
Solve one step problems involving
multiplication and division
Recognise find and name a half as one of
two equal parts
Scientific understanding
As Scientists we will:
identify and name a variety of common
animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles,
birds and mammals
identify and name a variety of animals that
are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores
describe and compare the structure of a
variety of common animals
observe changes in the Winter and Spring
In RE we will:
explain how actions affect others
understand what love and forgiveness is
Human, social and environmental understanding
As Historians we will:
 look at the history of a working farm and
how it is different from today
As Geographers we will:
 ask and answer geographical questions such
as what is this place like? What or who
will I see in this place? What do people do
in this place?
 use basic geographical vocabulary to refer
to farms, towns and weather
Understanding the Arts and Design
As Design Technologists we will:
 select from and use a range of tools and
equipment to perform practical tasks
 design purposeful, appealing products for
themselves and others based on design
Technological understanding
As Technologists we will:
 control motion by specifying the number of
steps to travel, direction and turn using
the beebots
 add text strings, show and hide objects
and change the features of an object
using scratch
As Artists we will:
use some of the ideas of artists studied
to create pieces such as Mondrian and
 use thick and thin paint brushes
 find out what the primary colours are
As Musicians we will:
choose sounds to create an effect
making sounds using musical instruments
and symbols
This term Year 1 will be focusing on the fiction book ‘Farmer Duck.’ The
children will help to plan their topic as we are looking for the children’s
Parent Helpers
As always we welcome support of any kind in the classroom and would
appreciate any time that you can spare.
Reading Books
During Year 1 children are encouraged to change their reading books
independently and will be reminded to do this regularly during Guided Reading.
Your child will have Guided Reading once a week where they will read a variety
of fiction and non-fiction books.
Please ensure you send in your snack forms for the half term.
PE Kit
Please ensure that your child has the correct indoor kit on a Tuesday and the
correct outdoor kit on a Friday. On PE days hair must be tied back and
jewellery needs to be removed. If your child does not have their PE kit in
school you will be informed.
Outdoor Learning
The children will have Outdoor Learning on a Thursday afternoon. They will
need their wellies, a waterproof coat and a spare pair of trousers.
Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday to be returned on Monday.
Literacy will be set on Friday to come in the following Wednesday.
Curriculum Brochure
This leaflet explains what your child will be covering this term.
Spring Term 2016
Year 1