Justice and Freedom - Wrenthorpe Primary School

Parents Information Sheet
Class 5P Spring Term 1
Welcome back and Happy New Year! Our new topic is called ‘Justice and Freedom.’
Justice and Freedom
The main focus of this topic is R.E. but it will also cover lots of other subjects including
Science, History, and PSHCE.
R.E: Children will learn about how different religions can provide a code for people to live by.
They will learn about the lives of famous people such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson
Mandela and Mother Teresa and how their beliefs influenced their fight for justice and
Science: This term the children will be learning about electrical circuits. They will learn to
construct circuits using different components such as switches and buzzers. They will use this
knowledge to design and make a useful circuit such as a set of traffic lights or a burglar alarm.
History: The historical focus for this term is Crime and Punishment through the ages. The
children will learn about how crime and punishment has changed through the ages and how
changes in our society have affected the types of crimes that are committed, as well as how
they are punished.
PSHCE: The children will explore the issue of human rights and why it is important to protect
our human rights. They will learn about how human rights are not respected in some countries
and the consequences of this.
Pupils need trainers, navy shorts, tracksuit trousers, jacket and a white T-shirt for all
PE lessons.
Our PE sessions will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Children need to bring their indoor and outdoor PE kit to both lessons.
Please bring PE kit in on Monday. Children will be allowed to take their kit home on
Wednesday as it will not be needed for the rest of the week.
This year children will be bringing home a Homework Book every Monday to be returned
to school, with work completed, on Friday. Spelling and Times table homework will be
sent on a weekly basis, plus English and Maths on alternate weeks. There will also be
activities from ‘The Tree of Knowledge’ to be completed when children have finished
their reading book (only when they are asked to do so).
Children are now expected to read part of their school reading book most nights of the
week as part of their homework. Please listen to your child read at least twice a week
and sign their Reading Record to indicate that they have been heard. Children are ideally
expected to finish one book per week if possible, unless they are reading very thick
We are continuing our push on times tables this year. To make sure children are learning
them, we have a times table ladder for children to work their way up in the classroom.
Children will be tasked with learning a set times table (sent home in the Homework Book)
and will be tested individually on this times table the next week. If they can recite it
confidently and answer questions, they will move up the ladder on to the next times
table. If not, they will be expected to continue learning it until they can recite it and
answer questions. Hopefully, this will help motivate children to learn their tables
throughout the year! In addition to this the children will have a times tables record to
help them to keep track of their progress in learning their times tables. Any support you
can give them at home would be greatly appreciated.
Our library day is Friday. Please make sure your child brings their library book to school
for changing on this day. They may keep a library book for no more than 2 weeks.
Thank you for your support.
Miss R Dwyer.