Power Point - The Electric Carnival

Why this book and kit are a value:
• Suppose you pay $30,000 a year for an
• You receive about 172 school days for this
money and about 5 hours of academics a day
• That is 860 hours of education for $30,000
• So you are paying $30,000/860 hours
• This is $34.88 per hour of class room time
• Essentially the Exact Price of My Book!!!
So if you believe this little exercise in financial
• You get all the love, sweat, tears, knowledge,
and imagination that Danny and I poured into
this book for just the measly price of one hour
of class time with a teacher!!!!
Not only this, but the book and the kit combined
cost less than the price of a single academic day
at school!!!!
• One academic day costs--$175.00
• The book and kit together cost--$155.00
Imagine all you will learn by
i) training yourself in the fundamentals of
ii) training yourself to analyze and solve
circuit problems with a meter.
iii) constructing and trouble shooting 10
cool games and toys that challenge you
scientifically, creatively, and artistically!!