Destination Success - St. Lucie Public Schools

Destination Success
Destination Success - Reading
Is a computer-assisted instructional reading program.
Is designed for whole class, small group, or individual
Is designed to be consistent with the elements of reading
instruction : phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency,
and comprehension.
Vocabulary is taught both directly and in context, and
vocabulary activities accompany each reading passage.
Comprehension is taught by connecting the text to a student’s
own experience, formulate questions, use graphic and semantic
organizers, and monitor their own comprehension when reading.
Features various genres of writing which are explicitly taught as
they occur in the program
Destination Success - Math
• Is a complete, supplemental mathematics program.
• Is standards-based instruction.
• Provides teachers with tools to effectively individualize instruction.
• Is an online interactive math program.
• Components include that Destination Math teaches are:
•basic skills
•math reasoning
•problem solving in real life context
Teachers have Flexibility
• To create groups
• To differentiate instruction by assigning
activities based on student need
• To give tests that will assign activities based on
student’s needs
• To get reports of student work
Available from school or home
Go to St. Lucie County School Board Website:
Click on either
– Student’s,
– Parent’s or
– Teacher’s Portal tab
Click a link to
Reading and
Resources On-Line
Easy Log on from School or Home
• Teacher –
• User name –
• Password –
• Student –
• User Name –
• Password –
District Computer Log in (MAG0805)
District Computer Log in (MAG0805)
10 digit Student number (56…)
10 digit student number (56…)
Need More Information?
• In-service is provided
– At your school site
– Webinar
– Moodle Course
• Follow up provided in school or
classroom after the training.
• Questions? Call 429-3955