Connection to History such as
Ancient Civilizations
INTRODUCTION: Write an introductory
paragraph about your destination. Gain the
reader’s interest! ________________________
POLITICAL: You can write about places to visit to learn
about the political system of your destination. Where do
their leaders meet? Where are their laws made? Are there
any related sites such as war memorials or political
monuments? Hint: Think about what is would be like to
describe all there is to see and do in Washington, D.C. or
Springfield, Illinois
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GEOGRAPHY: What unique geographical features do
people come here to experience (ocean, mountains,
volcanoes, etc.)? Make sure you cover place/location. How
do the people interact with their environment (surf, ski,
scuba dive, hike, mountain climb, sun bath, etc.)? What is
the climate and weather like in this city/country? Best
season/months to visit?
SOCIAL: You can describe the society and culture of
your destination in this paragraph. What is it like day to
day for the people that live in this place? Can you witness
their cultural traditions/festivals?
RELIGION: Are there any significant religious sites that
visitors should see? Are there famous churches, shrines,
temples, places for pilgrimages, holy lands, etc? If so,
describe them in a religion paragraph.
What sites do people come to visit that are
connected to the city/country’s past history
(distant/ancient past or other, for ex. the
pyramids in Giza, Egypt.)? What kinds of
connections do these modern day countries
have with their past? What are they proud of?
SEE the UNESCO World Heritage Cites here!!
Ex. Hattusha Ruins from Mesopotamia
INTELLECTUAL/IDEAS: You can write about the
breakthroughs in ideas, science, the arts, or in
thinking/ philosophy associated with your
destination (think about describing cultural sites
such as museums, theaters or other important
TECHNOLOGY/Inventions: What architecture
is this city known for? What inventions or
innovations is this city known for? What site related
to “T” do tourists often visit in this city?
Cultural Identity
What do you know about this nations cultural
identity? Values? Traditions? What kind of
material culture (art, music, food, housing,
technology) do they produce?
CONCLUSION: Write your final thoughts.
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www. (You can list a few key
websites here but this is NOT your
reference page)
World Studies
Travel Brochure
Your chance to show what
you now know about social
studies plus about a great
location for travelers to go!
Cultural Diffusion – What other cultures have
had an impact on your culture’s society?
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Is it a culturally diverse society? Include elements of
multiculturalism found in the country.
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