Child Marriage Afghan women

 Insecurity
 Human Rights Violations
 Discrimination
 Traditions
Some Afghan women who have been murdered in the
past few years (L to R):
Shaima Rezayee, May 18, 2005, Malalai Kakar,
September 28, 2008, Zaki Zaki, June 6, 2007
Second Row:
Sitara Achakzai, April 12, 2009, Safia Amajan,
September 25, 2006, Shokiba Sanga Amaaj, June 1, 2007
 Child marriage,Baad &
Forced marriage common
practice in rural
 Escaping home, is a crime
 PS:-Baad is a traditional practice of settling
disputes in which a young girl is traded to
settle a dispute
 Article 22 of Afghan constitution,
 Sharia law
 Elimination of Violence Against Women Law (EVAW)
female judges presence in the
judicial system
 Femal judges just Kabul,
Balkh, Herat, Takhar and
 No presence in the
decision making level
 Traditional courts
 International Forces withdrawal
 Election
 Peace process
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