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Inertia Science Court

1. What are the orange spheres on the back of the bikes called?
2. What is the name of the man that is a movie star?
3. How many bike shops does Jenkins own?
4. How much is a BAAD?
5. What does Doug Savage do besides walking dogs?
6. What is different about his BAAD?
7. What is Isaac Newton's first law of motion?
8. Does Newton's law apply to the BAAD?
9. What is inertia?
10. Why do we wear seatbelt in a car?
11. What are the BAADs made of?
12. What did it say on his BAAD?
13. How much tape did he put on his BAAD?
14. What word did he say to use instead of weight?
15. What is mass?
16. The more mass something has the more ________________.
17. The more mass the more _____________.