Project 1

A Technology Instrument
By Margarita C. Chavez
What is an ADDIE and it’s purpose?
An ADDIE stands for the steps of the
It provides instructional designers with
framework .
It helps designers be creative as efficient
as they can be.
An ADDIE follows five-phase
instructional design model consisting
each step has an outcome that feeds
into the next step in the sequence .
Analyze: Define the needs and
Design: Specify learning
activities, assessment and choose
methods and media
Develop: Begin production formative
evaluation and revise
Implement: Put the plan into action
Evaluate: Evaluate the plan
from all levels for next
What will the learners achieve in using this
instructional design?
Learners will achieve the goals of the
Learners evaluation will allow to
demonstrate their needs
Learners design and development of the
training materials will guide of the use of the
Learners evaluation is helpful with the
training program using processes with exact
measurable outcomes
What is the ADDIE’s Background?
It came about with the development of the
cold war after world war II as the United States
military struggled with itself to find a way to
create more effective training programs for
increasingly complex subjects.
Results were this struggle for increased
effectiveness bore fruit into the form of
Instructional Systems
Who design the ADDIE?
Chuck Castagnolo :
Was a professional seminar leader,
speaker, trainer, educator and writer who
designed and presented innovative and
motivating real estate finance, first-time
homebuyer and personal finance
seminars and courses through community
colleges, community centers, adult
continuing education programs and
Realtor sponsored events .
Chuck Castagnolo Education:
He has a Bachelor of
Science Degree in
Business Administration
and Finance from San
Jose State University,
and teaching
credentials from the
University of California
He uses the literature
on ADDIE estimates that
there are well over 100
different ISD variations
in use today, with
almost all being based
on the generic ADDIE
Unknown. Refined by
Dick , W., and Carey, L.
And Leshin, C. B.,
Pollock, J., &
Reigeluth, C.M. (1992)
What is a model?
 A model is a theoretical
construct or mental picture
that helps one understand
something that cannot
easily be observed or
experienced directly
Why have a rapid prototyping continual
feedback ?
Because it has sometimes been cited as a way
to improve the generic ADDIE model and
revisions are made as necessary , its important
for users have the opportunity for feedback.
Why is implementation needed for the ADDIE?
 Implementation phase is
where the developed
course is actually put into
action, and the final
product, developed based
on needs and errors
discovered while testing
with a prototype product,
is presented to the target
audience.(Theories, 2008)
Why is ADDIE model Instructional Design
recommended for Learner’s
The use of a well-designed
systematic instructional
Feedback outcomes
Creation of content and learning
materials based on design phase
Implementation plan
Identifying the learning problems
Accomplishing goals and
objectives of the audience’s needs
 Learning Theories,(2008)
http://www.learning –
 Castagnolo, Chuck,(2008)
 EDTEC (700) The ADDIE Model
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