NC Final Exams

NC Final Exam
Implementation Plan
 The schedule is designed to parallel the secure and
controlled manner in which end-of-grade
assessments are delivered.
 All stakeholders are confident that the data will
accurately measure student learning.
 Quality data for the newly-adopted teacher
effectiveness model is collected.
Required Common Exams
 Math: Math II, Math III, CC Geometry, CC Algebra II,
Advanced Functions and Modeling, Discrete, Pre Calculus
 Science: Earth/Environmental Science, Physical Science,
Chemistry, Physics, Science 4, Science 6, Science 7
 English: English/Language Arts I, English/Language Arts
III, English/Language Arts IV
 Social Studies: World History, Civics and Economics,
U.S. History, American History I, American History II,
Social Studies 4-8
 Occupational Courses: None
Common Exam Test Administration Manual
 The same manual is used for all assessments.
 Pages 1-3: Teacher Evaluation
 Page 4: General Assessment Information
 Page 5-6:Eligibility and participation
 Page 7:
 Administration time/testing schedule
 Accommodations and Alternate Assessments
Common Exam Test Administration Manual
 Pages 8-12: Testing Materials
 NEW: Each test has multiple forms.
 Pages 12-19: Testing Code of Ethics; Test
Administrators and Proctors; Test Security;
Student Emergencies; Testing irregularities;
Student Growth for Standards 6
and 8 p.1-3
NC Final Exams
New Resources for teachers.
NC Final Exams
Eligible Students
 All students enrolled in courses for which NC Final Exams
are required.
NCVPS students are NOT required to be assessed UNLESS the
student is also being instructed by a member of the school faculty.
 Students, including seniors, who are exempt from final
exams by local Board of Education policy shall not be
exempt from NC Final Exams.
 Students repeating courses
 LEP students
LEP students scoring below 4.0 expanding on the reading subtest
of the WIDA ACCESS Placement Test AND are in first year in US
schools are not eligible to be assessed on English I, III, IV.
Direct LEP teacher to print a report from ELLevations.
LEP students must participate in other NC Final Exams.
p.7 Last five days for semester-long courses; last 10 days
for year-long courses
Accommodations and Alternate Assessments
Students with disabilities, including students only receiving
services under Section 504, may receive testing
accommodations for the NC Final Exams
Students should receive the accommodations they use routinely during their
instructional programs and similar classroom assessments
Special print versions are available for order
Large Print (LP)
One Test Item Per Page Edition (OTIPP)
Requests for special print versions other than Braille, LP, or OTIPP must be
submitted on an Accommodation Notification Form
Requests for special print versions must be placed at least 30 days before the test
Alternate Assessments
 Not available for the NC Final Exams
Accommodations and Alternate Assessments
NOTE: Review of Accommodations
forms are not required but are
Accommodations for NCFINALs are listed
in Goalview as LOCAL assessments.
- Local Social Studies; Local Science etc
Test administrators who serve in a test
administrators role for students with
accommodations MUST receive special
training for the accommodations prior to
test day.
Answer Sheets
English III
p. 8-9
Multiple Choice
CC Geo/Alg II
AF&M; PreCalc; Discrete
Earth/Env; Physical Science
US History;
Science Grades 4, 6 and 7;
Social Studies Grades 4-7
Multiple choice
and constructed
Math II, III
Chemistry; Physics
World; Civics; American I and II;
Social Studies 8
Student constructed responses will be sent to DPI for grading
Test Codes
p. 9 and Appendix A
p. 10-12 (A copy is in your packet)
Materials p. 10-12 (A copy is in your packet)
Testing Code of Ethics
 Eligibility Issues
 Accommodations Issues
 Security Issues
Neither students nor teachers may possess cell phones.
 Monitoring Issues
 Procedural Issues
NOTE: Test training MUST include review of the Testing Code of Ethics
Selecting Test Administrators and Proctors
p. 14-15
Options for NC Final Exam Testing
Test admin:
Teacher of Record
Full time
proctor required
Test admin:
Test admin:
Teacher in same
Teacher from
different cluster
Full time
proctor required
Roving proctor
NOTE: No stadium-type testing permitted
(one per 3 close rooms)
Emergencies, Irregularities and Misadministrations
p. 16-18
 Emergencies and Breaks
 Reporting Irregularities – School Test Coordinator must
document in OTISS
NEW this year.
 Misadministrations
Implementation Planning
 Stadium–style testing is NOT permitted.
 Review of Accommodations forms are NOT required, but
are recommended.
 Testing department has calculators for check out.
High schools may request additional calculators from feeder
Courses for which grouping for makeup is
NOT allowed
Courses that CANNOT Be Combined for Testing (i.e., these courses must
test alone)
English Language Arts III cannot be grouped
Grade 8 Social Studies cannot be grouped
U.S. History cannot be grouped
Physical Science cannot be grouped
Earth/Environmental Science cannot be grouped
SCS Algebra II cannot be grouped
Courses Which Can be Grouped (small
groups and makeups only)
You can group:
 English Language Arts I
 English Language Arts IV
You can group:
 Civics and Economics
 World History
 American History I
 American History II
You can group;
 Chemistry
 Physics
You can group:
Advanced Functions and Modeling
Discrete Mathematics
You can group:
 Comm. Core Geometry
 SCS Geometry
You can group:
 Math II
 Math III
You can group:
 Comm. Core Algebra II
 Comm. Core Integrated Math III
High School Reporting
ONLY the 100-point converted score may be used as the
exam score; exam score shall count 25% of student’s grade.
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