What is an intervention?

What is an Intervention?
Intervention versus accommodations and modifications
Intervention Defined
Academic or behavior interventions are strategies or
techniques used to teach a new skill, build fluency in a
skill, or encourage the application of existing skills to a
new situation.
Implemented beyond the core instruction
What does it look like?
Supplemental Intervention (Tier 2 - ex. students in yellow)
MTSS Model recommends 30 minutes of targeted
intervention beyond the core for supplemental intervention
Small groups of 3 to 5 students focusing on the same skill
Intensive Intervention (Tier 3 - ex. students in red)
MTSS Model recommends 60 minutes of intervention
beyond the core for intensive intervention (kids in the red)
Small groups of 2 to 3 students or one-on-one
Examples of Intervention
Reading Fluency
General Academics, Reading Comprehension, Math, Study
& Organization, Writing
Math intervention using Khan Academy (next slide)
Enrichment assignments for higher students
Re-teaching beyond core instruction such as chunking
(presenting information again but in smaller increments)
Remember re-teaching only counts as an intervention is you
are teaching information in a different way than how it was
taught the first time.
Reteaching & Practice using
Accommodations and
These are not considered interventions but are commonly mistaken
as such
Accommodation or
Accommodations are changes in how a student accesses
information and demonstrates learning.
Do not substantially change the instructional level, content,
or performance criteria
Changes are made in order to provide a student with equal
access to learning and an equal opportunity to show what he
or she knows and can do.
Modifications are changes in what a student is expected to
The changes are made to provide a student with opportunities
to participate meaningfully and productively along with other
students in classroom and school learning experiences
Preferential seating
Graphic Organizers
Use of manipulatives
Have student restate what was said
Use of a study carrel
Quiet corner/setting to calm down or
complete assignments
Study Guides
Visual Schedule
Oral testing
Untimed tests
Read Aloud
Modified work load or
length of assignments/tests
Projects instead of written
Reworded questions in
simpler language
tests/assignments at their
level such as lower level
spelling test
Simplifying or limiting the
amount of information a
student is expected to learn
Accommodations & Modfications Guide