Robogals AIS Presentation

About Robogals
• Global organisation run by student volunteers
• We aim to introduce high and primary school girls to
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
(STEM) careers
What we offer
Current Workshop List:
• Robotics Workshops: Dance, Introduction, Search & Rescue,
Robot Sumo and Tarzan
• LilyPad Arduino Workshops
• Python Workshops: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
• All our workshops are free
• If you'd like a different workshop, we are happy to cater to
your requirements
Success stories
• Over the past year:
– On our own, we have taught over 800 girls in the Sydney
region and plan to reach even more in the coming years.
– We appeared on the ABC Splash! Live program, webcast
available here []
Contact Us
• To organize a workshop, please contact our School's
Manager at