- Northwold Primary School

Welcome to the Science page!
Our school believes that Science should be exciting, hands-on and sometimes
Each class has 2 lessons a week. To find out what topic your child is studying
this term, visit their class webpage! To learn more about the New Curriculum
click here.
As part of the New Curriculum the children will be frequently exploring the
local area, including Stoke Newington Common and Springfield Park – if you
have any suggestions for other places to explore, please let your class teacher
or Miss Coles know! As well as their lessons, children will also be attending
Science Workshops.
Upcoming events:
Science Week – Monday 16th – 20th March. Workshops
have been booked and children will be learning about
Forensic Science!
Physics Coffee Morning: Learn all about Forces and Magnet on 23rd April at
9:00 am!
If you have any questions about Science at Northwold, please find me on the
playground (Ghana Class) or email me: hcoles@northwold.hackney.sch.uk.
‘ All of Science is nothing more than the
refinement of everyday thinking’
Albert Einstein