Northern Ireland`s Alternative Energy Source

Northern Ireland's
Alternative Energy
This is a slideshow about a new
renewable energy resource for
Northern Ireland.
The new resource
and what is a resource
The new resource we
have chosen for
Northern Ireland is
wind power. An
energy resource is a
resource which can
supply us with
energy. We have
chosen this because it
is clean, free and
cannot run out.
How does it work?
The sun heats our
atmosphere unevenly, so
some patches become
warmer than others. These
warm patches of air rise,
other air blows in to replace
them- and we feel that they
could be used to make
energy by putting in moving
turbines which are powered
by the hot air rising and
moving the turbines. This
powers a generator which
then sends the energy to all
who need it.
•Turbines are
very ugly and big
which then ruins
the beautiful
•They cost quite a
bit of money to
set up.
•Northern Ireland is
very windy so we will
never run out of power
•When they are installed
they more or less don’t
cost anything to run
•The wind is free all
year around
•There are no harmful
Explanation of our choice
It is by far the best because it would work really well around
Northern Ireland and even around most of the British Isles.
It is better than fossil fuels because it uses the wind which is
a renewable energy source and not like fossil fuels which are
non-renewable sources. Plus it can be set up in the ocean
which does not ruin any landscape and will not turn away
So just to conclude wind power is the best
alternative energy source for Northern
Ireland because we do not have much money
but when they are set up they will pay for
themselves and Ireland will never run out of
energy again!
Wind power,
We feel it everyday,
We don’t have to pay,
So …
Don’t let it blow away!
Aidan Lynch
Emmett Johnston
Dylan Mooney
Ruairi Thompson