Presentation of Gerry Collins – Industry Perspective

IUA Conference Performance
& Sustainability 2014
29th September 2014
Gerry Collins – Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Parenteral Platform Global Lead
Irish Pharma Industry at a glance
• 8 of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies are located in
• 12 of the top 25 selling drugs are produced in Ireland
• Exported €56.1 billion in 2011, accounting for over 50% of
the total Irish exports
• Contributing over €1 billion in corporation tax annually
• Over 55,000 in employment in the sector
• Over half of the employees are third level graduates
• Employs 25% of all PhD researchers currently employed in
• Replacement value of sector ~ €40 billion
A journey of success
Industry established back in late 1950s-Leo Pharma
Real wave of investment started in late 1960s – Pfizer
Tribute to IDA and Government of the time
Ireland one of the most important locations for
biopharmaceutical manufacture in the world
 Largest net exporter
 Exemplary quality record
 Growing research cluster
 High skills set
• Future – expanding the footprint through development &
Our Products roadmap
The sector in Ireland faces particular challenges &
opportunities: Performance & Sustainability
• Costs need to continue to reduce, in particular labour,
waste and energy charges !
• Development of healthcare globally?
• Clinical trials ?
• Collaboration with other sectors such as Medtech, ICT and
Food ?