A Human Cell is Like McDonald*s

A Human Cell is Like McDonald’s
By Kyllie
Cell Membrane
• The building is the structure of McDonald’s.
Martins Ferry is the cytoplasm.
• The people in Martins Ferry go to McDonalds.
The dumpsters are the lysosomes
• They get rid of the trash by putting it into the
The French fry cooker and the stove
are the mitochondria
• The cookers produce the energy to cook the
The cooks are like the ribosome.
• They make the food.
The endoplasmic reticulum is the
dining room where the people eat.
• The people eat the food.
Golgi Bodies are the servers who give
you your food.
• They pack and hand the food to you.
The nuclear membrane is the drive
thru window.
• It sends food and money through the window.
The manager is the nucleus.
• He watches over the employees.
Food make up the chromosomes.
• It makes up the menu.
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