Haiku poems

Haiku Poems
Haiku poems are Japanese and contain only 3
The poems are used to paint a picture in the
readers mind.
Each line has a certain number of syllables.
The first line of every haiku has 5 syllables
The second contains 7 syllables.
The final line contains 5 syllables.
This forms a 5,7,5 pattern.
This type of poetry doesn’t need to rhyme!
Summer’s gone
The leaves fell slowly
The leaves fell slow-ly
To the unforgiving ground
To the un-for-giv-ing ground
Too soon – summer’s gone!
Too soon – sum-mer’s gone!
Old Green Grasshopper!
Green and speckled legs
Gently plays the violin
Jumping everywhere
He is very wise
Hopping madly everywhere
Wearing big long pants
by Kaitlyn Guenther
Sand scatters the beach Waves
crash on the sandy shore Blue
water shimmers
Easter Chocolate Haiku
by Kaitlyn Guenther
Easter bunny hides Easter eggs are
out of sight Kids look everywhere
Now make your own!!
Pick a character from the story.
Write a haiku about the character you picked.