Corrosion of Ceramics

Corrosion of Ceramics
By Brian Cox
For ME 406
Professor Sandwith
Professor Kent
Ceramics Reduce Corrosion
Ceramics are used to protect machines in extreme conditions
• Turbine
• Heat
Identifying Ceramic Corrosion
Under extreme conditions it is
necessary to understand the
mechanisms which cause the
break down of ceramics.
Here Secondary Ion Mass
Spectrometry (SIMS) is used to
analyze the various types of
corrosion of YBa2Cu3O7.
Corroded Surface of
Sintered YBa2Cu3O7.
Corrosion of Alumina Ceramics
Often used as a reactor
material in Supercritical
Water Oxidation at
temperatures of 500˚C and
pressures up to 30MPa.
Impurities in the
Alumina Ceramic can
leach into the solution
and create acids.
Importance of Application Method
Ti and B4C applied by RPS
Ti and B4C applied by LPPS
Y2O3 protected Zirconium Oxide
Leaching is an important factor
Impurities and porosity lead to
Method of application must be
thoroughly researched for any
application of ceramics