Unesco monuents from romania

 Romania
is a beautiful country, with
spectacular mountains, valleys, hills and
 The purpose of this presentation is to
present some of the UNESCO monuments
from our country.
 Let’s have a look at some amazing photos
and find out interesting facts.
This is the Moldoviţa
Monastery, built by
Petru Rareş in 1532.
The Voroneţ Monastery
is famous for its unique
shadow of blue from
the walls. This colour is
named “Voroneţ blue”
and it couldn’t have
been reproduced so far.
The Câlnic Citadel was
built in 1270 and has
finally been sold to the
villagers in 1430.
Horezu is a small town
and is popular for its
original hand-made
ceramics. The
ceramics is decorated
with amazing designs,
illustrating birds,
flowers or geometrical
The Danube Delta is
one of the most
beautiful places in
Europe. It is a huge
reservation, also called
the “Paradise of birds”.
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