Face Jugs PowerPoint

Face Jugs
Ceramics is the art of
making and decorating
pottery or clay.
The earliest ceramics
were made over 27,000
years ago!
What is Ceramics?
Types of
Functional vs. Decorative
Face Jugs
• Nobody really knows when
the first one was made but
it could be all the way back
to ancient Egypt!
• Slaves in the south made
them in the 1800s. They
have even been found at
the Underground Railroad.
• Folk Artists in the
mountains in North
Carolina, South Carolina,
and Georgia began making
them in the 1940s and still
make them today.
What are they for?
• People made face jugs to
ward off evil spirits, that is
why they are so ugly.
• They can be silly, scary,
gross, sad, funny, or even
realistic looking
Creating a face
• Proportion
• Features
Your Turn!
Your Turn!