Definition: to honor the
memory of someone or
something with a ceremony;
celebrate; observe
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: commemorates,
commemorated, commemorating
Link: special date
Sentence: On this special date, we commemorate
those who died serving their country.
Definition: self-satisfied;
feeling too much satisfaction
with oneself or one’s
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: complacently
Link: basement
Sentence: People are less complacent since 9/11
and are prepared to hide in their basement.
Definition: an opinion held by
everyone (or almost everyone
Part of Speech: noun
Link: buy a bus
Sentence: The consensus was to use school money
to buy a bus.
Definition: to use up
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: depletes,
depleted, depleting
Link: if Pete
Sentence: If Pete buys this car it will deplete his
savings account.
Definition: steady,
determined, and careful in
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivatives: diligently,
Link: knew what it meant
Sentence: The diligent athlete knew what it meant
to work hard for a trophy.
Definition: the ability to share
in someone else’s feelings or
Part of Speech: noun
Derivatives: empathies,
Link: Emily
Sentence: Emily felt empathy for the man because
she had a broken leg last year.
Definition: not requiring special
skills or higher intellectual
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: menially
Link: fix a meal
Sentence: Neil is happy to do something menial such
as fix a meal.
Definition: an activity or situation
especially suited to a person
Part of Speech: noun
Derivative: niches
Link: rich
Sentence: If you become rich you still need to find
your niche.
Definition: to rise above or
go beyond the limits of;
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: transcends,
transcended, transcending
Link: befriend
Sentence: In order to transcend the limitations of
blindness, he will befriend a seeing-eye dog.
Definition: to willingly give up
(as a claim, privilege, or right);
do without
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: waives,
waived, waiving, waiver
Link: Dave
Sentence: Dave will waive his attorney’s fee in
hopes of splitting what the lady receives if she wins
her lawsuit.
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