Definition: able to be interpreted
in more than one way; not clear
Part of Speech: adjective
Link: a guy named Gus
Derivatives: ambiguously,
Sentence: This picture by a guy named Gus, is
ambiguous because it spells “liar” twice, and there
are two faces.
Definition: a person opposed to
established ideas or beliefs,
especially in politics or religion
Part of Speech: noun
Link: he’s against
Derivatives: dissidents
Sentence: He is a dissident because he’s against
military recruiters on campus.
Definition: to decorate; beautify
by adding details
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: embellished,
Link: relish
Sentence: I like to embellish my hot dog with relish.
Definition: to spend or waste a
little at a time
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: fritters, fritterer
Link: sitter
Sentence: It is easy to fritter away our time
as a sitter in front of the TV.
Definition: unintentional;
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivatives: inadvertently,
inadvertence, inadvertency
Link: accident
Sentence: His inadvertent turn onto the one-way
street going the opposite direction led to a horrible
Definition: without sense or
meaning; foolish
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivatives: inanely, inaneness
Link: insane
Sentence: I thought Bob was insane when he made
this inane face just because I said I was going to
the store.
Definition: to place close
together, especially in order
to compare or contrast
Part of Speech: verb
Link: clothes
Derivatives: juxtaposed,
juxtaposing, juxtaposes
Sentence: They are wearing the same clothes as
they stand juxtaposed.
Definition: a great lack of
energy; inactivity due to
Part of Speech: noun
Link: no energy
Derivatives: lethargic,
Sentence: The kitten demonstrates lethargy
because it has no energy.
Definition: happening now and
then; occasional
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivatives: sporadically
Link: I’ve had it
Sentence: I’ve had it with the sporadic rain!
Definition: to support financially;
provide a grant or contribution
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: subsidizes,
subsidizer, subsidized
Link: Is it wise?
Sentence: Is it wise to subsidize the new
restaurant when it will probably go out of business
in a year?
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