Definition: an indirect
Part of Speech: noun
Derivatives: allusions
Link: Cowardly Lion
Sentence: When someone is described as a Cowardly
Lion they could be referring to The Wizard of Oz
or just making an allusion to someone being scared
of their own shadow.
Definition: unselfishly
concerned for the welfare of
others; unselfish
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivatives: altruistic,
altruism, altruistically
Link: big hearted
Sentence: Mary was considered altruistic, or big
hearted, because she gave up her Thanksgiving
every year to help feed the homeless.
Definition: to calm, especially
by giving in to the demands of
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: appeases,
appeased, appeasing,
Sentence: Sometimes we
have to appease people by
making peace and making
Link: make peace
Definition: determined by
personal judgment, not rule
or reason; based on impulse
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: arbitrarily
Link: my way or
the highway
Sentence: I bought her a mug that said, “My way or
the Highway” because she always made arbitrary
decisions without listening to my ideas.
Definition: to attack physically
or verbally
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: assails, assailed,
assailing, assailer
Link: attacked by
a whale
Sentence: Little did we know when we went out for
a sail, that we would be assailed by a whale.
Definition: lacking originality;
overused; commonplace
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: banality
Link: not
Sentence: When people dress twins in the same
outfit, this is banal, because it is not original.
Definition: a mild or vague
term used as a substitute
for one considered
offensive or unpleasant
Part of Speech: noun
Derivative: euphemisms
Link: pre-owned
Sentence: A euphemism for a used car is a “preowned vehicle.”
Definition: motivated only
by financial gain; greedy
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: mercenaries
Link: greedy
exploited the needy
Sentence: The mercenaries were so greedy that
they exploited the needy.
Definition: a group of symptoms
typical of a particular disease or
Part of Speech: noun
Derivative: syndromes
Link: Irritable
Bowel Syndrome
Sentence: Diarrhea, bloating, and excessive gas are
symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Definition: to stain the
honor of someone or
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: taints, tainted,
Link: black paint
Sentence: Putting black paint on the map of the
United States tends to taint its reputation.
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