Definition: very obvious,
often offensively so
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: blatantly
Link: Ray meant
Sentence: Ray meant to show a blatant disregard
for the “ No Smoking” sign as he puffed on his cigar.
Definition: something that
weakens , damages, or destroys
Part of Speech: noun
Derivative: blights
Link: fright
Sentence: These plants are a fright because of
blight which is ruining them.
Definition: to plan cleverly;
think up
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: contrives,
contrived, contriving
Link: arrive
Sentence: He will contrive to pay all of his debts by
the time this date arrives. He plans to keep track
of everything he buys.
Definition: to mix up or
confuse (as a story or a
message); scramble
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: garbles,
garbled, garbling
Link: marble
Sentence: I am afraid that I will garble the
message about the marble because my brain is
scrambled after ten hours on the computer.
Definition: thin and bony
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivative: gauntly,
Link: Skinny Haunt
Sentence: He was so gaunt that people started to
call him “Skinny Haunt.”
Definition: to feel or express
delight or self-satisfaction,
often spitefully
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: gloats,
gloated, gloating
Link: boat
Sentence: The rich man will gloat when he claims
that his boat is the biggest afloat.
Definition: perfectly clean
Part of Speech: adjective
Derivatives: immaculately,
Link: isn’t it?
Sentence: It is difficult when one person is
immaculate but not their roommate, isn’t it?
Definition: using someone else’s
writings or ideas as one’s own
Part of Speech: noun
Derivatives: plagiarize,
plagiarized, plagiarizing,
Link: Communism
Sentence: His report on Communism contained three
examples of plagiarism.
Definition: an uneasy feeling
about how right or proper a
particular action is
Part of Speech: noun
Derivative: qualms
Link: calm
Sentence: When my brother announced he was
getting a pool for under $10, I had qualms.
Apparently, my uneasy calm was justified.
Definition: to return an
injury for an injury; pay
Part of Speech: verb
Derivatives: retaliates,
retaliated, retaliating
Link: belly ache
Sentence: I had to retaliate for the time he gave
me a belly ache.
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