Opens: Risky Business

Sigma Tau Phi- SUNY-Plattsburgh
Charging $5 at the door
Undercover Officer Walked in
paid the $5 and went
downstairs where he was
provided a beer
After the Undercover left the
Cops came in and arrested
two of our brothers (the one
collecting money and the one
handing out the beers)
The two brothers arrested faced Class A
Misdemeanors for Selling Alcohol Without a
We got them lawyers which originally cost
$3000 for both of them
There was a additional $1500 of overtime fees
added in for a total of $4500 in lawyer fees
Both brothers arrested received a Disorderly
Conduct 100 hours community service and a
$375 fine
Total Money Lost= $5250 (Not Including
money or beer confiscated)
On Probation through National and our School
After putting on a panel
discussion about opens with the
Chief of Police and University
If you paid money for the
“environment”, a shirt, or any
little gift at the door when there
is alcohol being supplied Your
held accountable
When this idea comes up at chapter be sure to
ask yourselves; who is going to be the one to
take the risk of running money or handing out
the alcohol?