Who vs. Whom

Who vs. Whom
• When you have to make a who/whom
decision, read the sentence twice. The first
time, replace who with “he.” The second
time, replace who with “him.” If the
sentence sounds correct with “he,” use
who. If correct with “him,” use whom.
Subject vs. Object
That’s because Who is used for subjects of
clauses. Whom is used for objects.
Who/whom won the game?
He gave a gift to who/whom?
But it’s not always that clear cut
The first step is to isolate the clause or phrase.
That’s because every verb with a tense in a
sentence must have a subject.
He sold drugs to whoever/whomever had the
So, who did he sell drugs to? He had the money.
You may also have to reorder
the clause
The ACLU said it would represent
whoever/whomever police arrested.
So, police arrested whoever/whomever
So, police arrested him
So, police arrested whomever.
Who vs. Whom
• You gave the money to who?
• The man who bought the drugs was later
found murdered.
• The election will be won by whoever is
able to win the farm vote.
• The reporter refused to say who he called
before he wrote the story.