God`s Family assembly

God’s Family
An assembly for International Day of Families
We are all global neighbours and
we all belong to God’s family.
Some of our family are near to us, in our class and in
our school community. But God’s global family spreads
out across all the countries in the world.
Some members of our global family
are not able to go to school.
Some of our sisters
and brothers are not
to have medicine
they are unwell.
And some members of our global family do not
have a safe place to live.
Do you think
this is fair?
CAFOD works together with children and families in
over 50 countries around the world, helping to make
sure that all the members of God’s family have what
they need.
Let us take a few
to think about our
sisters and brothers in
our school
community, in this
country and in the
rest of the world.
Loving God,
Bless all of our family around the world.
Help us to grow and
learn in your love,
sharing what we have so
that others have what
they need.
Help us to remember that
we are all special because
God loves each of us as we
Teach us to love all our sisters
and brothers near and far
as Jesus taught us.
Bless our school family.
Help us to live and work together
peacefully. Help us to look after one
All the photos in this presentation were
taken by children from Wakefield, UK
and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Find out more about their lives through
their photographs, at