Group 3

Group 3
According to the story “ It ain’t so bad ”, the children’s mother was in trouble so that they
had to send to the dean. However, what did their mother do that was so serious that she must be
arrested? Therefore, we come up with three suspicions to describe why their mother was arrested.
First, the woman got in touch with drugs. In this story, maybe the family was not rich
enough. The mother had to support current expenses, kid’s tuition. To make more money was necessary.
Because of the reason, she began to sell drugs. That drugs were high-returned goods let the mother get
double or a large number of rewards. Selling drugs was an illegal and high-risk thing. When the mother
sold and smuggled drugs, the police have already noticed and tracked where she vended those drugs.
Thus, the police arrested the mother and she would be subjected to justice.
Second, the woman became a murder. Owing to the fact spouse’s emotions were of
incompatibility, they argued regularly and husband treated his wife with violence. In addition, he also
betrayed the woman. That he fell in love with other beautiful woman hurt his wife’s heart. In her fury,
she could tolerate husband’s behavior no longer so killing him. As the police came to crime scene, the
woman’s suspicion was certainly stronger than other people. Thus, she had to leave a good few days
and accept the police’s investigation.
Third, the woman lacked money. Final statement talked about woman’s business. The
woman initially managed a big company. Under the depression, company went bankrupt. She suddenly
lost her jobs and didn’t have any money to rise up kids and give them warm and nice life. In addition,
she once borrowed a bid amount loan form bank. Now she can’t return that money. She decided to steal
precious jewelry, designer labels to sell. Using this way can make some money for family.
Unfortunately, she was found by store worker and surveillance camera took all behavior. The woman
would face big troubles.
Having to go to jail and couldn’t see her kids for a long time is a cruel thing
for her.
In conclusion, we think the mother have her own reason to leave her children. In general, most of
us think she was a devoted mom. Although she done illegal thing, she must put her all mind in the
family. All of things she done are want her children have good life. The story is a frequent thing in
nowadays society. Don't do illegal thing even though you are live in a difficult life.
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