Chapter 19: From War to Peace

Section 1: Post War Havoc
Extreme Patriotism
Celebrated all things American
Attacked ideas and people that were foreign
Revolution in Russia
Led by Vladimir Lenin
Wanted to replace capitalism with communism
The belief that all people should share equally in
society’s wealth.
Americans were frightened by this idea
Red Scare
Widespread fear of communism
May have been ‘scared up’ by newspapers
Palmer raids (named after Attorney General)
Arrested suspected radicals, many of whom were
Often arrested people without sufficient evidence
Removing an alien from one country and sending
them to another
The Union Battle
Organized labor was thought to be linked with
If you were part of a union, you could be fired
Unions lost much of their power during this era.
Back to Nativism
Most nativists were protestants from Northwestern
Believed immigrants that came from southeast
Europe did not want to become Americanized
1921 – Quota to limit Immigrants
1924 – National Origins Act
2% of the number of people from the country could live
in US
No Asian immigrants
Revival of KKK
Proclaimed Anarchists – people who want to
destroy the government
Two Italians who were arrested for bank robbery
and murder
Weak Evidence
BUT were convicted and executed in 1927
“My conviction is that I have suffered for things
I am guilty of. I am suffering because I am a radical,
And indeed I am a radical; I have suffered because I
Was Italian, and indeed I am Italian.
-Bartolomo Vanzetti
Answer the questions on Page 627
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