Senior Survival Guide

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son/daughter’s name.
Only one Senior Survival Guide will
be given to each Senior Family.
Mr. Clark
Mrs. Herman
Mrs. Pentz
Mr. Wunder
Mrs. Comegna
Please Review pages 2 – 3. We will discuss most of these
dates in detail, but please write down any questions you
may have based on these dates.
The Survival Guide will be published on CHS website:
o March 18th: Auditions for the “Senior Show” after school
o Eliminate May 30th Senior Show
Caps, Gowns, &
o Girls: white dress & white
o Guys: black slacks &
black shoes
o NO flip-fops, tennis shoes,
o Should have been
submitted before Feb. 7th
o Attire
o Tickets (see page 2 for
ticket price progression)
Senior Cruise:
o Casual-Formal Attire
o Tickets (TBD)
o NO jeans, tennis shoes,
shorts, hats
AP Exams:
o $89 per exam due April
1st to Mrs. Caltrider
 Mandatory
Practices and Dress: (pages 3, 7, & 9)
o Tuesday, June 3rd @ CHS Main Gym 8:45am-12:00pm
• Casual attire
o Thursday, June 5th @ CHS Auditorium 6:30pm
• Graduation attire: full dress no caps
o Friday, June 6th @ CHS Main Gym 8:15am
• Graduation attire: full dress and cap
o Saturday, June 7th @ McDaniel 7:45am
• Casual attire
 Failure
to Attend Graduation Rehearsals:
o Student will not participate in June 7th Graduation
Ceremony (page 7)
**Make arrangements with jobs and work schedules to
attend all rehearsals.
 Failure
to Dress Appropriately:
o Student will not participate in June 7th Graduation
Ceremony (page 7)
 Student
is ineligible due to grades/grad. requirements:
(page 5)
o Notified confidentially to student and parent
o Student will not participate in any graduation programs
 Possible
Student Obligations (page 5)
o Detentions unserved
o Financial obligations (media book, textbook, sports fees, etc.)
** All obligations must be cleared by Friday, May 30th
** Obligations not cleared, student
 will not receive graduation tickets on June 3rd, and
 Tickets:
(page 5)
o 10 per student
o Request Form for additional tickets due on
Friday, May 30th (page 11)
o Distributed to students on Tuesday, June 3rd at
the end of Rehearsal
o Must have ticket to enter McDaniel graduation
(Ushers will not hold tickets for arriving/late
 Guest
Seating: (page 6)
o First-come, first-served basis
o No seat reservations
o Doors open 45 min before Graduation begins
o Must be seated 15 min before Graduation begins
 Handicapped
and/or Hearing-Impaired Seating and
o Complete the request form to receive special parking
pass and seating pass due on Friday, May 30th (page 11)
Senior Breakfast – Friday, May 30th
o Senior ONLY event held during flex
o FREE to students
load busses
o 11:00pm bus returns to CHS
o Formal Attire
o Permission Form (page 12)
o Family event
o Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal
Senior Cruise – Tuesday, June 3rd
o Senior ONLY event
o Tickets (TBD)
o 5:00pm meet @ CHS student lot to
Senior Picnic – Thursday, June 5th
o Senior ONLY event held in CHS
o 11:00am – 2:00pm
o FREE to students
Senior Awards Night – Thursday,
June 5th
Senior Show – Friday, June 6th
o Senior and Family event
o 7:00pm
o Looking for Parent Participation
o Looking for Student Participation