Sacred Heart High School Department of Alumni & Development

YOUR Years At “The Heart”
What Happens After I
What Do I Leave Sacred Heart With?
Class Reunions
 We offer reunions for every:
 5 years after graduation
 Graduation from college
 10 years after graduation
 Working in desired career
 25 years after graduation
 Marriage/Families
 35 years after graduation
 “Catch-Up”
 50 years after graduation
 Retirement/ “Golden Years”
Alumni Events &
Keeping in Contact
What SHHS Students Move Onto!
Faculty & Staff
HALF of our staff are graduates of Sacred Heart!!!!
Ms. Tracey Smith
Mrs. Patti Triarsi
Mr. Matt Barca
Mrs. Tara Rybacki
Mrs. Barbara Maher
Mrs. Paula Kelly
Mrs. Roseann DiGennaro
Mrs. Caroline Calabrese
Mrs. Bridget Marques
Director of Development
& Alumni Relations
Class of 2013!