Words with f, ff or fe endings
Guess the spelling rule!
Copy these words into your jotter and try to work out
the spelling rule!
Sheriff = sheriffs
Cuff = cuffs
Chief = chiefs
Reef = reefs
Wife = wives
Leaf = leaves
Calf = calves
Scarf = scarfs/scarves
Hoof = hoofs/hooves
Dwarf = dwarfs/dwarves
Plural f, ff or fe Rule
Copy this into your jotter:
If a word ends in ff then the plural form needs
an –s on the end.
There is no clear rule for plural forms of words
ending in f or fe.
If you are unsure, check a dictionary or try
saying it out loud; some words sound like a v
sound and some sound like an f sound.
Extension Work
Write the plural forms of the underlined words. You do not
need to copy out the whole passage.
With darkness falling rapidly, Graeme made his way along
the cliff, the wind whipping his hair and howling like a
wolf. He had to get to the cottage before the police dogs
caught up with him.
In the distance he could see the roof of the cottage. He
flashed his torch and ran towards it. Then he saw a figure
waving a white handkerchief. The feeling of relief washed
over him. At last someone would have belief in him.
As he ran through the open door into the warmth of the
kitchen, he noticed the empty table had a knife sitting in
the middle of it. The door shut behind him…