Types of Sentences Powerpoint

Types of Sentences!
Four types of sentences:
• Simple
• Compound
• Complex
• Compound-complex
First of all, let’s talk about
Review: What is a
subject, anyway?
Answer: the person or thing we
are talking about in the sentence.
Write down the subjects of
these sentences:
• 1. The dog yelped.
• 2. I am very happy right now.
• 3. In n Out has a secret menu.
• Definition: What the subject
is doing, or what the subject
is like.
•Ex. The tree fell down.
•Ex. He is cool.
Write down the predicates.
• 1. The fire alarm kept ringing.
• 2. I love fishing.
• 3. The dog ate my laptop case.
• 4. She is nice.
Simple subject versus
compound subject
• Simple subject: one main subject
• Tommy was jumping.
• The zoo took my money.
• Compound subject: multiple parts to a
Tommy and Bobby were jumping.
The zoo and the safari park took my money.
Simple predicate vs compound
• Simple predicate: one main predicate
• He ate the whole thing!
• The girl was so brash.
Compound predicate: two or more
• He ate the whole thing and threw up!
• The girl was so brash and hated being
• Write sentences that include:
• 1. a simple subject and a simple predicate
• 2. a compound subject and a simple predicate
• 3. a simple subject and a compound predicate
• 4. a compound subject and a compound predicate
Read “Raymond’s Run”
• While we are reading the fifth page, try to pick up on
simple vs. compound predicates and subjects.
• Write down FOUR sentences about “Raymond’s
Run” resolution.
• 1st sentence: use a simple subject
• 2nd sentence: use a compound subject
• 3rd sentence: use a simple predicate
• 4th sentence: use a compound predicate
• Highlight the above!
Simple Sentence
• Simple sentences have a
• Subject
• Predicate
• and have one complete thought
• Ex. Amy and Sally were fighting.
• Billy was climbing and falling off the
Warm Up
Write down the subject(s) and predicate(s)
in each of the sentences.
1. Tommy ran.
2. Julie and Amy went to the mall.
3. She was kicking and also running.
4. The dog and cat fought and forgave.
Warm Up (continued)
• Write down a sentence that contains each
of these:
1. one subject and one predicate
2. one subject and two predicates
3. two subjects and two predicates
Compound Sentence
• A compound sentence has at least
TWO independent clauses (two
complete thoughts).
• Amy listened; she whispered.
• I am angry, but he is not.
Compound Sentence
• Two independent clauses (two
complete thoughts) can be connected
with a COMMA (,) and a coordinating
conjunction (for and nor but or yet so)
• Ex. I am happy, and she is excited.
• Ex. Don’t touch the giraffe, so he can
Compound Sentence
• Two independent clauses can be
combined with a semicolon (;).
• I am happy; she is excited!
• They are cool; they are so smart.
Subordinating Conjunctions
and Complex Sentences
• Simple sentence = 1 independent
• Compound sentence = 2 or more
independent clauses
• Independent clause
• has subject AND predicate
• Has a COMPLETE thought
Dependent Clauses
• Dependent clauses
• Have subject AND predicate
• Independent clause:
• I jumped on the bridge.
• The girl is nice.
• Dependent clause:
• When I jumped on the bridge
• Even though the girl is nice
• Dependent clauses often start with
• After, although, as, because, before,
even if, even though, if, provided,
rather than, since, so that, than,
though, unless, until, whether, while
Complex Sentence Patterns
• Complex sentences have 1 dependent clause and
1 independent clause.
• 1. Dependent clause , (COMMA) independent
• Before I saw the movie, I got a seat.
• 2. Independent clause dependent clause.
• I got a seat before I saw the movie.
• Find the independent and dependent clauses
in the sentence.
• 1. I like ice cream even though it melts
• 2. While I vacuum the room, you should
• 3. The boy is mean, but the girl is meaner.
• 1. Write a sentence that uses the
subordinating conjunction “UNLESS”
in a dependent clause
• 2. Write a sentence that uses the
subordinating conjunction
“BECAUSE” in a dependent clause
Quick Activity
• 1. Write four different short independent
clauses on the strips of paper.
• 2. Trade all of your strips.
• 3. With the four strips you get back, make
two complex sentences using subordinating
clauses.. Let’s see what we come up with!
• Fix the following to make them correct sentences:
• 1. As the rain fell.
• 2. I had fun, and Billy too.
• 3. While I was there I saw an orca whale.
• 4. The dark cold mist.
• Write two of each
• 1. simple sentence
• 2. compound sentence
• 3. complex sentence
Compound Complex
• Has AT LEAST one dependent clause
• Have AT LEAST two independent
• Pretty much, a sentence that is both a
compound sentence and a complex
• As I napped, I heard a noise at the
window, so I woke up.
• The hurricane was strong, and I got
scared after I saw the tree crash down.
• I got in trouble because I lied, and I
promised never to lie again.
On your own..
• Try writing a compoundcomplex sentence on your own!
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