Sentence Types - Fenwick High School

Sentences, clauses and
Clause vs. Phrase
A clause is a group of related words
containing a subject and a predicate.
A predicate contains a verb.
A phrase is a group of words that lacks a
subject or a predicate and that acts as a
single parts of speech.
“The dog howled.” (clause)
“In the doghouse behind the mansion” (phrase)
Types of Clauses
There are independent and dependent
Independent clauses can stand by
themselves as sentences
Dependent clauses need to be paired with
independent clauses; they function as
adjectives, adverbs, or nouns.
“Even though I made dinner, my husband still
refuse to do the dishes.”
Dependent clause is italicized, independent
clause is underlined.
Types of Sentences
 Simple
 Compound sentence
 Complex sentence
 Compound-Complex sentence
Simple Sentence
simple sentence is a sentence with one
independent clause
 Note that the definition says nothing
about sentence length, easiness, or how
many phrases.
Examples of Simple Sentences
“Simple sentences are my favorite.”
“Being an English teacher with a penchant for
syntactical complexity, I love simple
“Being an English teacher with a penchant for
syntactical complexity, I love reading simple
sentences before during and after school.”
Compound Sentence
compound sentence contains two or
more independent clauses.
 Example:
“I love adjectives, but my
students prefer adverbs.”
Examples of Compound
 “I
love adjectives; my students love
adverbs, and we all love the weekends.
 Sometimes,
longer linking words can be
used. “I can name the capitals of all fifty
states; consequently, my friends are
Complex Sentence
complex sentence contains one
independent clause and one or more
dependent clauses.
 “Because life is complex, we need
complex sentences.”
The dependent clause is italicized, the
independent clause is underlined.
Examples of Complex
 “Because
people know I am a senior at
Fenwick, they make allowances for the
length of my skirt and the way that I wear
my hair.”
The independent clause is underlined. There
are four dependent clauses. Can you
identify them?
compound-complex sentence contains
two or more independent clauses and
one or more dependent clauses.
 “Because I am an English teacher, some
people expect me to speak perfectly and
other people expect me to write
The dependent clause is underlined, the
independent clauses are in italics.
Example of CompoundComplex Sentences
 “Some
students tell me my grading is too
tough, and others tell me my assignments
are boring.”
The independent clauses are italicized; the
dependent clauses occur within the
independent clauses.
 Write
a pyramid paragraph using all four
types of sentences.
 Begin with a topic sentence and develop
the topic with reasons, examples, etc.
 Vary sentences in length and style
 Avoid a choppy, awkward paragraph