by Liam O`Flaherty (1897-1984) blackfeatherfilms 2 Author Style The


by Liam O'Flaherty (1897-1984)



Author Style

 The author style is the Rat-a-tat prose, which means that the author uses short sentences to maintain suspense in the story.


The Irish Civil War


4  Place: "The Sniper" takes place in Ireland's largest city, Dublin, located on the country's east coast on Dublin Bay, an inlet of the Irish Sea. The IRA sniper posts himself on a roof-top in central Dublin near the Four Courts building, which houses the high courts of Ireland, and O'Connell Bridge.

 Time: The time is nightfall in June, after the establishment of the Irish Free State, during a civil war that erupted in 1922-1923.

5 The Four Courts (Setting Place of “The Sniper’’)

Order of Events

 Directions: Place the following events in the order: 1.________An old woman comes out from a side street.

2.________An armored car comes across the bridge.

3.________The sniper lights his cigarette.

4.________The sniper learns the identity of the man he had killed.

5.________The dying man on the roof crumpled up and fell forward.

6.________The sniper gets shot in the arm.


 Shoots old woman  Sniper gets wounded  Trap —trick other sniper into thinking we are dead.

 Kills the other sniper.

 Discovers —that he has killed  his brother


 The Republican Sniper —for the Irish Republic--Catholic


 The other sniper —Free-Stater. Irish Free State which would be Protestant. (This is the brother, he does not support a united Ireland).

 The Old Woman  The other side of the war.

Point of View

 Third person, author limited to our Sniper. We see, hear, feel, all that he knows.

 For example,  For third-person narratives, don't use the words "I" or "you."  Saying "I did this..." makes it first person.  Saying "You'll see this..." makes it second person.  Saying "It happened like this..." makes it third person.


 Man v. society –civil war.  Two sides are impersonal…


 The climax of the story is when the Republican sniper kills the enemy sniper.

 HOWEVER, there is no real resolution in this story, because after the Republican sniper kills the enemy sniper he goes to see the identity of the enemy sniper whom he killed. When the Republican sniper discovers the enemy sniper he killed is his brother, that is not really the resolution.

This is called a

Denouement (

a surprising ending ) (Day- new- ma) 


 What happens after the discovery of the identity of the other sniper?