The Sniper

By Liam O’Flaherty
The Setting
March, 1922; Dublin, Ireland
Ireland is in a civil war
 Free Staters vs. Republicans
 Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland
What is a sniper?
A person who shoots another person
from far away
He drinks a draught of whiskey
from a flask.
Lighting the cigarette makes him
very easy to see. Somebody
shoots at him.
The sniper looks over the parapet
to see who is shooting at him.
He hides behind the chimney
and looks again for his enemy.
The armored car came.
The woman wearing a shawl
points to where the sniper is.
He shoots the man in the turret
of the armored car.
He shoots the woman who
betrayed him.
The sniper is shot in the arm.
He put iodine on his wound.
The sniper gets an idea.
He stuck his cap on his rifle and
slowly raised it above the parapet.
He pretends to die.
He drops his rifle off the roof into
the street.
His enemy thinks he’s dead. The
enemy stands and is silhouetted
on the roof.
The sniper shoots his enemy dead.
He feels remorse for killing those
He goes to see the face of the
enemy sniper. He sees that it is
his brother.
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