Soc. St. Study Guide

Chapter 3 and 4
The first Sumerian kings
were probably war heroes.
Although most Sumerians
were farmers, many made
metal, cloth, and pottery
because they were skilled
During the late Neolithic
Age, craftspeople in
western Asia discovered
that mixing copper and tin
formed bronze, an
important technological
) A Sumerian temple to
honor their chief god was
called a ziggurat.
5) If you lived in Nippur,
where would your home
be located? In the lower
6) Which of the following is a
negative effect of the growth
of communities during the
Neolithic Age? Deforestation,
which caused desert-like
conditions in Jordan
7) Taming an animal for use by
humans is called domestication.
The calendar developed by
the Sumerians was based on
the cycles of the moon.
9) Site of one of the world’s
first libraries – Nineveh
10) Hero of an epic who
travels the world performing
great deeds - Gilgamesh
11) First large army to use
iron weapons – Assyrians
12) People who study the
heavenly bodies astronomers
a pyramid-shaped
structure with a temple at
the top – ziggurat
14) In early civilizations,
the first governments
were monarchies.
15) Because the conditions
for farming were good,
the first civilizations arose
in river valleys.
16) “Old Stone Age” –
Paleolithic Age
17) Tools and methods to
perform tasks – technology
18) “New Stone Age” –
Neolithic Age
19) The act of training for a
particular job –
20) To tame animals for
human use – domesticate
21) People who move from
place to place regularly –
22) Long periods of
extreme cold – ice ages
23) What do historians call
the general early period of
human history? Stone Age
24) Paleolithic people –
crafted simple tools such
as axes.
26) What was the most
important and long-lasting
effect that the Agricultural
Revolution had a people’s
lives? The population grew at
a faster rate, and people
settled into communities.
25) Men in the Neolithic Age –
herded, farmed, and protected
the village
27) What is the best example of
how an advance in the use of
technology made life less
difficult for Paleolithic people?
They discovered how to use fire
28) What did the Hittites
teach the Assyrians that
helped make their army
stronger? How to make and
use stronger metals for
weaponry, such as catapults
and battering rams
29) What is located at the
highest point in the town?
The ziggurat
30) One of the most important
technologies used by the
Paleolithic people was tools.
Who wrote a legal code
that covered most areas of
daily life? Hammurabi
Which part of Babylon was
known as one of the Seven
Wonders of the Ancient World?
Hanging Gardens
33) Where did the first
civilizations arise because of
farming conditions? In river
34) In 612 B.C. the Chaldeans
defeated whom? Assyria
35) A mixture of copper and
tin is called – bronze
36) The Assyrian Empire’s
capital city – Nineveh
One who studies the
stars and planets –
a political district –
a group of traveling
merchants – caravan
Chaldean king who
rebuilt Babylon –
The existence of
shrines in Catalhuyuk is
evidence that religion was
becoming an important
part of people’s lives.
Times of extreme cold
when great sheets of ice
covered parts of the earth
were the ice ages.
43) In your opinion, which
Sumerian invention has
had the most significant
effect on later
civilizations? Explain your
answer and provide
factual support.