Training The Multi Event Athlete

First things first………………find common
training traits with the events (drills,
physiological systems needed, etc….)
 Speed, speed endurance, strength, special
 Have something to work on in warm-up for
off-event/s each day (great place to stay in
Monday – speed development/light technical
drills as part of warm-up for jump/weights
Tuesday – technique day for a jump
Wednesday – medium to strong
circuit/weights (mostly recovery day)
Thursday – light technical jump day w/speed
endurance work
Friday – pre-meet work, approaches, blocks,
but not many of either really
Coach and athlete have to be okay with
maybe not training all events every week
(tough mentally to get a handle on
 Sometimes it’s better, depending on event,
to train it every other week from a technical
 Give the body time to absorb ideas
 Competition simulation (changing shoes,
hustling from one event to another?)
Concept needs to be understood in every
event (it can happen differently in different
 More ways to get hurt (communicate and
listen to athlete?)
 Very easy to fall into trap of training every
day without real and/or quality REST
Reps are great, but quality reps are better
 Let the “natural” come out in the athlete,
don’t train/talk it out of them (less brain,
more athlete)
 No when to say when
 “Just one more coach” can be one too many
 Mental ability to focus and make changes
from one rep to the next is imperative with
shortness of season