Weight Training Study Guide2009

Weight Training Study Guide
F = frequency; Work each muscle AT LEAST two times a week
I = intensity; How much weight are you lifting?
 Light weights/12-20 reps/less than a minute rest = endurance
 Moderate weights/6-12 reps/ 1-3 minutes rest = hypertrophy or strength
 Heavy weights/3-5 reps/ 3-5 minutes rest = power
T = time; How long is your program? How much time are you resting?
T = type; What are you doing? Program set up
Benefits of weight training
 Increase metabolism
 Increased performance in sports
 Increased strength or endurance
 Stress reliever
 Helps prevent osteoporosis
 Helps prevent athletic injuries such as hair line fractures, and knee ligament issues
leg extension = quadriceps
leg curl = hamstrings
fly = pectorals
shoulder press = deltoids and trapezius
dip = triceps
lat pulldown = latissimus dorsi
row = terras major/minor, rhomboids
calf press = gastroncmius/soleus
preacher curl = biceps
captain’s chair = abdominals
back extension = erector spinae
hack squat = glutes, hams, quads