Ogdensburg Agreement & Hyde Park Declaration


Ogdensburg Agreement & Hyde Park Declaration

By: Savannah Heigl

Canada & the US become close

● Ogdensburg Agreement (Aug. 18th 1940) created a tie between Canada & the US to protect NA ● Very informal Agreement between Roosevelt & Canadian Prime Minister ● Establishment of Permanent Joint Board on Defense.

Purpose of Ogdensburg Agreement

● Ensured Canada & US as allies ● More soldiers to fight when needed ● Development of committees and programs dedicated to the protection of NA ● sustainable alliance of NA

Hyde Park Declaration

● The Hyde Park Declaration occurred on April 20th 1941 ● A result of the Permanent Joint Board on Defense. ● Tied the US & Canada economically so they could buy and trade war goods amongst each other.

Hyde Park & Lend-Lease

● The Hyde Park Declaration stated that Canada would contribute the American products produced there as a part of the Lend-Lease Act with the Brits.

● This positively impacted the US economy.

● But...Canada was disobeying British orders.

US involvement & impact during WWII

● Overall, the Ogdensburg Agreement and Hyde Park Declaration: o Impacted US WWII involvement


because it:   created a bond between the US & Canada Ensured security of the borders of NA and ensured security economically

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