Religion in Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Religion in Dr Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde
By: Abigail Rivers
Dictionary Definition
the belief in and worship of a superhuman
controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods:
ideas about the relationship between science
and religion
Types of Religion
There are many types of religion, for example,
Religion within Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
At the time of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, people were strong believers in religion and
science wasn’t seen as believe yet. There were almost two paths to go down, Religion or
In 1859, when Stevenson was 9, The famous Charles
Darwin published his book, ‘The Origin of Species.’
Many people saw this as an attack on religion, as the
book made it impossible for God to have created the
world in just 6 days.
The book came out during a time when many people
saw science and a belief in religion and the
supernatural as being at odds with each other. Many
people felt that they had to choose between the two.
More people believed that science was dangerous and
that they were meddling in matters that only god
could control.
Important key religion quotes from the book, and meanings.
Religion and the importance in the novel.