The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr
The Carew Murder Case
Summary Notes
 Nearly a year has passed with no word of Hyde.
 Contrast of the appearance of Hyde and Carew.
 Hyde’s actions show the beast within.
 H is depicted as almost under-evolved – “ape-like”
linking back with troglodytic image.
 Utterson drawn back in by letter held by Carew.
 The self-serving side of humanity is seen in the
detective – “professional ambition”.
Summary Notes
 Weather creates atmosphere of tension and fear on
approach to Hyde’s home.
 Area likened to a nightmare – heightening sense of fear and
 Maid had an “evil face” – only type of person who would
work for Hyde.
 Happy to discover Hyde was in trouble – hypocrisy of
desire to see bad befall him but to work for him.
 Hyde’s apartment contrast with the surrounding area – well
furnished and luxurious.
Summary Notes
 Hyde leaves the apartment ransacked as if it had be
 Lack of care for his possessions.
 The rush he was in can be seen from the poor
disposal of clues and evidence.