Henry Jekyll`s Full Statement of the Case – Notes

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr
Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of
the Case
Summary Notes
 Jekyll begins with constant references to the mask that all
men wear.
 J refers to the duality in all men.
 J desires to split the dual personalities.
 J fails to see the hypocrisy in himself and his work.
 J put aside personal danger as he was gripped by the same
greed for knowledge as Lanyon.
 J took delight in the freedom that Hyde offered him – the
freedom from moral obligations and a conscience.
Summary Notes
 Hyde’s stature is linked back to the theory of under-
evolution – Jekyll believes as it was the smaller part of his
personality it had not the opportunity to grow.
 The repulsion of Hyde stems from his lack of good – he is
the only single in a world of duality.
 H was an outlet for J’s sinful side – he sated J’s
 Acts which in the hands of normal man were “undignified”
were escalated to “monstrous” in the hands of H.
 H allowed J to live vicariously with no repercussions.
Summary Notes
 The mask motif reappears as H is the mask that J could put
on the sin in safety.
 We again see the irony that J thinks he is in control.
 H is a concerned only with himself, he is a “ man of stone” –
self preservation and no heart or soul.
 H gains in strength around the time of the murder of Sir
 J losing control of H transformation.
 H gaining more strength with more regular appearances.
Summary Notes
 Jekyll begins the debate of his destiny – Hyde or Jekyll.
 J chooses himself but cannot hold off from temptation.
 The longer H was caged the more furious his rage when he
was unleashed.
 J gives in to his temptations as H gains more control.
 H’s first appearance in daytime was when he finally gained
control over J.
 H again linked to animals – the under-evolved.
 Face of J is now the mask, not that of H.
Summary Notes
 Self preserving nature of H means J had to take his own life
to take that of H.
 Fact that H was the body found shows he is `home base`,
not J.