Memo for all graduating seniors of St

Memo for all graduating seniors of St. Cloud High School:
Graduation Practices: MANDATORY
 May 28, 8:00am to 10:30 am at St. Cloud HS in the gym
 May 29, 10:45 am to 1:00 pm at Osceola Heritage Park. You must be on
Tickets will be given to students at the rehearsal. All students will need a ticket
to get into graduation. Medals will be given at the rehearsal.
Graduation starts at 8:00 pm. Students must be at OHP by 6:30 pm. Please do
not come earlier because Gateway HS is having their graduation from 4:00 pm
to 6:30 pm.
Good behavior is a MUST. If you act up during practices, you may end up not
walking with your class. Mrs. Tapley has specific consequences for anyone who
misbehaves at the graduation ceremony.
All students and parents must leave OHP as soon as the graduation is over.
If you did not pick up your cap and gown on the days that Josten’s was at school
you MUST do the following:
 Call Josten’s at 321-242-2055 and pay for your cap and gown over the
 See Mrs. O’Brien in the guidance office to pick up your gowns
 If you have a problem please call Mrs. O’Brien at 407-891-3100, ex. 08712
Senior Name shirts will be on sale April 28 to May 2 ONLY at both A
and B lunches. You must pay and preorder your shirt. If you are not at this
school, please make arrangements to have it taken care of for you by a friend or
see Ms. Simonelli sometime that week to order from her. All students who
attend SCHS daily must order at lunch. The shirts will be ordered on May 2 and
there will be NO late orders and there will be no extra shirts.