Meeting Date: April 2, 2014 – 6:30 PM –... Location: Library, St. Cornelius School

St. Cornlieus School Council
Meeting Date: April 2, 2014 – 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Library, St. Cornelius School
Present: Melanie Johannink, Carol Caprara, Grace Graci, Joanna Godino, Stacey Jones, Adriana
Tavares, Rosie Bastasin, Loretta D’Grazia Humphries, Pina Montalbano, Susie Sorochan, Jennifer
Borges, Mary Greaves, Carmela Scoles, Mike Stapleton, Anne-Marie Martinak, Laura Prestia,
Moire Balzan, Ana Contente, Wendy McDonnell
Regrets: Etilia Nali
Agenda Item
1. Approval of Agenda
 Minutes were reviewed and approved
2. Mrs. Tavares
 Mrs. Tavares reminded us about the vision and values of the
DPCDSB and the community that it serves
 Agenda to be distributed a few days prior to the session.
 Minutes approved
Mrs. Tavares
 Movie night discussion.
 Need movie a week ahead of time
 Community awareness – a school event
 Microphone announcement and music playing
 Will need access to one outlet
Steve Vian
3. Approval of Minutes
3. Movie Night & Father
4. Principal’s Report
8. Caledon Day
5. Fundraising Review
6. Fundraising
 Mass for Father Bob is to be held on June 22nd at 11:45 AM.
We ask all School Council members participate as well as
the school community
 Request for fund for 1st communion retreat. Often a first
communion retreat. Pizza lunch and juice and pottery along
with the bus. $25.00 each
 Mrs. Graci provided us with some information on Leading,
Loving and Learning.
 April 30th from 6:30 – 9PM on financial literacy the CCCSC is
holding the event. An email went out throughout the school
 CCCSC. Cardinal Collins will be there. Phillip Pocock there is a
mass and a gala dinner
 Volunteer of the Year award is due May 15th. The CCCSC
Volunteer of the Year Award. Application for the nominee is
with Mrs. Graci
 Caledon Day is quickly approaching. Gary reviewed the
Caledon Day activities to be held on Saturday, June 15th.
Event runs from 1:30 – 11:30PM. Parking is part of our
 Chocolate Bars – Ordered one per family and distributed as
one per child. Etilia to sell some chocolates to the church on
Sunday for the fundraiser.
 Pancake Supper – additional volunteers will be here to help
set up and arrange
 Movie night – Etilia to be contacted and advise - Friday, June 6
 Pancake supper – continues to grow and is positive within the
Moire first
and Carmela
Moire first,
No voting
was required
Melanie and Etilia
to draft letter to
go home.
Movie night was
voted and
approved for
Moire to provide
St. Cornlieus School Council
7. Spirit Day
9. Graduation
6. Treasurer’s report
7. Chair’s report
9. Closing Prayer
10. Adjourn
school community. Balance deposited this year is $658.55. A
lot of young families enjoyed.
 Chocolate – We have an approximate net gain of $7,562.
When we all agreed to do the chocolate fundraiser.
 Spirit Day is for the kids. We require a budget of $1,700.00
 Gary to bring BBQs and pot
 $2000 was approved
 Sign up sheet for next meeting
 Tentative date is June 18th
 Grade 8 Graduation. St. Cornelius School for graduation, they
have a Mass for the kids and a dinner for only them. Grade 7s
will provide desserts and walk over to Hall to have the
graduation event with the kids and families. Grade 8
graduation Party is NOT a school event. A letter has gone
home to the grade 8s about the event that the school is not
involved and the costs are all arranged. Tickets are sold at the
school through volunteers. Carm will provide balloons and
other items. The event is June 27th at The Royal Ambassador
and the Grade 8 grad at the school is June 24th.
 Treasurer’s Report and funding approvals
 Technology proposal was discussed.
 Stream of Dreams
the list of names
$2000 was
Stream of Dreams
$250 was
$18,530 was
approved for
Laptop carts
 Nothing to report